Oh, hi! Hello there. Nice to meet you!

I'm Genevieve, Stay the F Home's founder and many-hat-wearer. Stay the F Home was borne out of an intense desire to do a little bit of good while the world feels upside down during COVID 19. Small businesses are being hurt the hardest, but so is morale and so are Toronto's most overlooked populations. I wanted to create something that could tackle all of this on a small, local scale.

Before Stay the F Home, I worked in education (shout out to all you parents home schooling for the first time, and teachers who are adapting to online learning!) and ran a non-profit that provided sexual and reproductive health education to refugees around the world. So... no. Not exactly gift box curation, but really not too far off, either. If I can make a tiny impact and share my passion with others, I'm in my happy place.

When you buy a Stay the F Home box, you are supporting local and helping to protect the city's most vulnerable. You are also keeping yourself and others safe, as we get through COVID 19 together. So, thank you; thank you for staying the F home.